Ethereum connected to Google


New Google features allow Ethereum wallet addresses to track their Ether balances via Google search engine. Unfortunately, data protection falls by the wayside.

This development underscores Google’s drive to connect internet users to the world of blockchain and Web3 research.

Thanks to the new Google function, Etherscan is no longer absolutely necessary to keep an eye on crypto balances. The head of Google Ventures, Han Hua, announced the integration of the new crypto function into Google in a Twitter post on Tuesday. The fact that the new function that connects Ethereum with Google undermines data protection is apparently completely irrelevant.

Google wants to connect Internet users with blockchain and Web3 technology

The tech company recently partnered with crypto exchange Coinbase. As reported, this partnership was formed to allow certain customers to pay for cloud services using cryptocurrency. As part of this partnership, Google became the cloud provider for Coinbase and developed data services for the exchange.

Coinbase wants to rely on the Google Cloud to process enormous amounts of blockchain data. Additionally, the crypto exchange wants to leverage analytics tools provided by Google to offer its clients “machine learning powered crypto insights.” According to Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian, the company looks forward to serving customers around the world. Kurian said of the partnership with Coinbase:

“We are proud that Coinbase has chosen Google Cloud as its strategic cloud partner.”

Google plans to start implementation in early 2023. Alongside Coinbase, the company has also capitalized on the hype created by Ethereum’s transition from Proof-of-Work (PoW) to Proof-of-Stake (PoS).

Reactions to the integration of the Ethereum search engine function

Meanwhile, the recent integration of Google has generated a lot of reactions from community members. Vittorio Rivabella, Developer Relations Manager at Web3 development platform Alchemy, welcomes the integration of the Ethereum address lookup feature. However, SadPanda.blockchain, the former editor-in-chief of Web3ArtBlog.NFT, said that Google “will now sell our blockchain data to advertisers to target us through our wallets.”

Markus Thielen, chief investment officer of digital asset services platform Matrixport, also said: Thielen said in a statement that Google’s efforts in the web3 space were not surprising.

He commended the efforts and believes mass adoption for Web3 could occur if the iPhone can be used as a crypto wallet. He added:

“If and when that happens, the crypto industry will accelerate from 100 mph to 250 mph in half a second.”

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