Coinbase is introducing a voter registration tool for the US congressional elections


Coinbase has unveiled a voter registration tool designed to encourage its customers to engage in debates about crypto regulation

The rollout comes despite the fact that the company introduced an “apolitical corporate culture” in 2020, which has resulted in the layoff of 5% of employees

Coinbase, the largest crypto exchange in the US, has partnered with Crypto Canary – a Washington-based advocacy group – to launch a voter registration tool .

According to the exchange, the move was part of its broader education initiative, which aims to give customers the right tools to participate in regulatory debates about crypto products and services. Coinbase went on to say that the launch was prompted by an increasing demand for “trustworthy resources and tools” from customers, as the traditional ways and tools for engaging in political debates are often “skewed.”

“Our customers want to understand how these ongoing debates will impact the future of cryptocurrency, and they are eager for resources that can help them engage in and help shape such discussions.”

Although Coinbase has been infrequent on political issues after announcing an “apolitical corporate culture” in 2020 that led to the departure of 5 percent of its employees, the company said in recent correspondence that it is always willing to engage in political discussions participate “in moments when it relates to our mission to increase economic freedom in the world.”

Over the past two years, the US Congress has become a veritable hotbed for crypto debate, with more than 50 bills introduced to regulate the crypto landscape. Additionally, US citizens are increasingly engaging in discussions about Web3 and cryptocurrencies, with 24 percent of households owning cryptocurrencies, according to a recent report by Morning Consult.

However, the biggest obstacle to their vote has been the lack of education on crypto issues and lack of access to elections. Although social media platforms like Twitter are the primary way for crypto users to voice their opinions, discussions there often fail to have a compelling impact on congressmen.

With the voter registration tool, crypto users can now not only vote, but also learn about the issues raised and help create opportunities for debates with MPs. Coinbase also believes that launching ahead of the November 22 congressional elections could help educate and engage U.S. citizens to help shape key crypto regulatory decisions that could help improve the Maintain US competitiveness and guide innovation.
Faryar Shirzad, Chief Policy Officer at Coinbase, says:

“Participation in the 2022 US midterm elections gives everyone a chance to be a key partner in the conversation about the future of crypto. The MPs we elect in November will make important decisions about how crypto, blockchain and the web3 will be regulated.”

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