Solana (SOL) founder firmly rejects claims about network congestion

Solana (SOL)

Etheruem competitor Solana (SOL) made headlines after its enormous rally in recent months. Also, the Solana blockchain has been one of the preferred platforms among DeFi participants lately. This played a huge role in helping the SOL token rank among the top five largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

However, Solana has been faced with allegations of network congestion in the past few days. Even today, December 15, a representative of the Bitcoin Association, Roy Murphy, pointed to a massive transaction failure on the Solana blockchain. In one of his recent tweets, Murphy noted :

“Warning! In the last 24 hours, more than 60% of all Solana transactions have failed! That’s right, a digital asset with a market cap of $ 50 billion in fifth place is losing over 2000 transactions every second! Just turn it off! “

The crypto community complained about the heavy overloading of Solana and suspected that another failure and a possible DDoS attack were imminent.

SolChicks, an NFT fantasy game, also found that thousands of users trying to trade $ CHICKS upset the Solana network. It was also responsible for the crash of the Raydium DEX. Although the Solana blockchain supposedly has a potential transaction throughput of 50,000 TPS, it dropped to just 1,000 TPS after SolChicks’ IDO issues.

Solana (SOL) founder denies power failure

Solana (SOL) founder Raj Gokal stated that a bubble had arisen around the network failure at Solana. In his most recent tweet thread, he wrote:

“If you read on your timeline that @solana went under yesterday, you should think about getting out of your bladder. When you get out of the bladder, look back at the bladder, look at the people who built the bladder, and ask yourself if you want to get back into that bladder. “

He also accused two people of spreading misinformation about the Solana network failure, with others allegedly helping them. He wrote:

“Two people who wanted their 15 minutes of fame yesterday, none of which had ever used the net, decided that a brief period of slightly slower transactions meant crashed and critically flawed. You tweeted and a lot of people spread this misinformation. “

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On the other hand, there were some people who backed Gokal and said that the Solana blockchain works absolutely fine. Mert, a member of Coinbase’s engineering team, stated, “There has been an * insane * amount of FUD lately regarding Solana. While it is perfectly fine – and encouraged – to criticize Solana for its various design choices and compromises, most people have just been telling lies.

As the disinformation spread last weekend, Solana fell nearly 33% from a level of $ 200. On December 14th, it hit a low of $ 151 before recovering.

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